Inspirational Keynote Speaker | Personal and  Team Development Coach  

Trish, you were outstanding to work with, and your talk was incredible.  Huge kudos to you for bringing so much compassion, wisdom, and kindness to this whole process.  You inspired so many people and brought the crowd to their feet!” 

“I frequently listen to TED talks.  Most are very compelling and insightful.  This was my first opportunity to attend an event personally.  Trish’s presentation was not standard TED fare, but rather, a compelling retelling of a life experience that demonstrates the capacity of humans to recover from even the most dreadful of experiences.  Most particularly, one that is tragically generated by an individual whom you both love and trust. A remarkable thought-provoking opportunity to learn what courage and fortitude can provide to each of us even in the most difficult of circumstances.”

Trish is one of those rare people that you meet in life that possesses the intelligence, energy and warmth that everyone can relate to and wants to be around. Her personal story-journey is a testament to the idea of becoming - moving forward, reflecting, staying optimistic and hopeful. Trish's message is motivational and her outlook on life and love is inspiring.

I was able to witness Trish's TEDx Talk in-person. To say she delivered is an understatementShe OWNED the room and was simply magnificentThe total packageShe got a standing ovation. I don't even think the audience consciously thought about it - it was just a natural reaction to this beautiful speech that organically brought everyone to their feet.

With humility, grace, and sheer brilliance, Trish shared a story and a message that traveled through my mind and into my heart. She is a shining example of a human being who has experienced the darkest sides of life and yet, emerged as a bright light to guide all of us as we strive to learn and grow.

Your beautifully delivered profile of indescribable courage and fortitude was beyond awe inspiring. It touched me/moved me as little else ever has. Your story is ultra-compelling on its own, your presentation of same elevated it to legendary status in terms of your ability to influence people’s thinking and behavior. Just plain awesome. Please know that your presentation is permanently imprinted on my brain at a multiple of levels.

Thank you, Trish. You filled our hearts with joy and gratitude. We totally enjoyed and appreciated your message. Maybe the verb "felt" is more appropriate.

Your story is so powerful and I was honored to be able to see you speak.

Trish CRUSHED it last night! Trish—you palpably changed the energy in the room and held the audience captive with the magnificent delivery of your powerful and important message.  It was truly a gift to be in that room and experience ALL that you are.

You crushed it, Trish!  Your talk was incredible, inspirational and so powerful. I was so honored to be a part of such a special moment.

Trish, so incredible. I was so moved to hear you speak. I think the audience was blown away.

Awesome. Just awesome.


Trish exudes joy, love and enduring success. She makes audiences want to and believe they can create enduring success. Her climb from the pit of despair to the peak of success is astonishing; but her effervescent joy and boundless love are the unique and lasting gifts Trish imparts to everyone." - Client Event Organizer

If you ask her, Trish Kendall will tell you she is the most successful person in the world. She is proud of her career, is a trusting and trusted member of her community, and a loving wife and devoted mother to a 14-year-old girl and 12-year-old boy. All simple measures, but far more than she ever thought she would have. 

Abuse, Addiction, and Hopelessness

As a child, Trish could never have dreamed of the life that she has built today. Her childhood was tortured by relentless sexual abuse, neglect, and ultimately, a drug addiction that nearly took her life. Those that knew her early in life would never have predicted that she would live past 20.

Enduring Success

Trish made five critical choices on her 25-year journey to success. Each choice and each subsequent success brought her closer to creating enduring success: embracing our boundless capacity to give love and to receive love. 

 Speeches, Workshops, Guest Appearances

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