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International Keynote Speaker | Enduring Success Expert | Personal and Team Development Coach 

As a little girl, Trish Kendall was sexually abused by her father for seven years. Her mother suffered from depression and manic episodes, mental illnesses that proved stronger than her maternal instinct to protect her daughter. This six-year-old girl's ability to love and trust was destroyed by her father– the person daughters love and trust the most.

Her father forced the family to flee from town to town, switching schools a dozen times to prevent anyone in the community from learning about the abuse. In every town, she was the new kid who struggled to fit in and find acceptance until she just stopped trying. Trish never belonged anywhere.

In her early teens, Trish turned to the world of drugs, plunging headlong into a crystal meth addiction. She lied, stole, and traded her remaining dignity for drugs. At age 20, she chose to end her life.


Today, Trish is a highly-regarded expert at helping organizations, teams and individuals create enduring success.

Today, Trish is a loving wife and devoted mother of two children.

Today, Trish is a trusted and trusting member of her community.

Today, Trish is an inspiration to people everywhere.

As an inspirational speaker, Trish brings candid stories, humor in the face of true hardship, simple lessons, compassion and love to all her speaking engagements.

Inspirational Speaker Trish Kendall
Trish Kendall thought she had lost her ability to love. But during her 25-year journey to success, she has learned love is a choice. And her enduring success has come from embracing that choice, embracing her boundless capacity to love and be loved.

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Achieving success begins with making your own choice. 

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Make good, small decisions each day to build trust in yourself and inspire the trust of others.

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Love, the verb, is a choice. Embrace your power to give it all and to receive it all, and you will create enduring success. 

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Commit to two-way agreements and transform actions from duty and obligation to joy and desire.


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Deliberately create and nurture community--your place of safety, shared identity and belonging. 

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Help others experience what success feels like to enhance their desire and ability to achieve it.


Trish believes in the immense capacity for community and mentorship to empower the next generation of courageous women and is a supporter of the nonprofit, InHerShoes. She also advocates for the protection of children, supporting MassKids' nationally-recognized Enough Abuse Campaign.


As the founder and CEO of Enduring Success Strategies, Trish leverages her 30 years of professional business development experience and success to help companies and teams create enduring success.