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Choose and Become Interviews

I made five critical choices on my journey to enduring success.

Each choice built upon each other to prepare me for my fifth choice, my hardest choice, to embrace my boundless capacity to love.

I believe with all my heart that when we choose to give all our love and choose to receive all the love that others give, we create our enduring success and fuel the success of those around us.

But that choice is hard. I inspire young leaders to realize their potential to achieve enduring success and I provide a pathway there.

In this Choose & Become Interview series, my guests, people whom I admire, share a little bit of their insights and wisdom as it relates to these five choices in their lives.

  1. Making a first choice 
  2. Committing to a two-way agreement 
  3. Building trust in ourselves and inspiring the trust others
  4. Creating community and belonging 
  5. Embracing boundless love 

Watch or listen to our episodes below!

Episode 1 - Imran Qureshi, Head of North America, WTW.

Summary: I am honored to have Imran Qureshi as my guest for Episode One. Imran exudes enduring success—a devoted husband and proud father, an incredibly successful business leader, and an inspiring community leader. Imran lives his purpose, intentionally, each day.

Episode 2 - Mary Dillon, Executive Chair of the Ulta Beauty Board of Directors.

Summary: Twenty years ago, or so, finding my seat on a plane home from a business trip, I made eye contact with a woman who I should have known all my life—but had just met months before this trip. Mary Dillon. We beamed, she gave up her aisle seat to sit next to me, and our plane conversation turned into nurturing an enduring relationship.

Watch (I think you have to watch!) this episode and learn more about how Mary created enduring success and fuels the success of those around her.

Episode 3 - Stefani Pady, Owner GLS Coaching and Consulting and Founder Women, Workship and Work.


Stefani and I met through someone we both admire. Within minutes of our first conversation, I was bitten by the "I want more!" bug.

I knew:

  • I had to spend more time with Stefani.
  • I want to be more like Stefani.
  • I hope my daughter has a Stefani to look up to one day.

In the first few minutes of the interview, Stefani introduces herself: Daughter, sister, leader, entrepreneur, mom, wife and most important, Child of God. 

May I please add, friend. Thank you Stefani, my friend.