From Death’s Door to Enduring Success: Five choices that will help you make the greatest impact

We each have the power to create true success—enduring success—and to fuel the success of those around us—no matter our experiences, story or obstacles.

In this inspirational and applicable session, Stephanie Austin—fundraiser, advocate, and volunteer—shares her insights and lessons to help others: 

  • Make a lasting impression and profound impact.
  • Promote personal reflection, self-improvement, and action.
  • Nurture community and belonging.
  • Apply new perspectives across our lives—as fundraisers, team members, leaders, and community members.

Association of Fundraising Professionals AFP

This interactive webinar is facilitated by Trish Kendall, Founder and CEO, Choose & Become, and is ideal for:

  • Fundraising professionals and their communities.
  • Leaders who influence others.
  • Individuals seeking inspiration and application to better drive community, belonging, and true success.
  • Join us and get an intimate peek into how the power of choice transforms lives. 

Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) on October 13, 2022

Association of Fundraising Professionals AFP