Sage Sisters Podcast with Trish Kendall

Sage Sisters Podcast features Hailey McLennan and Megan Dierckins, two best friends and energy healing practitioners who are on the search for what ‘wellness’ and ‘self-care’ actually mean. Each week they chat with various energy healers, coaches, teachers, and authors all about their personal journey of self-discovery, healing, and more!

Trish Kendall has an incredible story. When she was young, her father sexually abused her for years, which led to drug addiction, and an eventual decision to end her life. Except, a phone call from her sister changed all that and put her on the path to recovery, self-discovery, love, and success. We chat with Trish all about the choices in her life that led her to where she is now – a vibrant businesswoman with a thriving, loving family, who is on a mission to use her story to help inspire other young women to define their own success.

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Sage Sisters Podcast on June 11, 2021

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