Audience Feedback for Trish Kendall

Trish, you were outstanding to work with, and your talk was incredible. Huge kudos to you for bringing so much compassion, wisdom, and kindness to this whole process. You inspired so many people and brought the crowd to their feet! ~ TEDx Walden Pond Organizer

With humility, grace, and sheer brilliance, Trish shared a story and a message that traveled through my mind and into my heart. She is a shining example of a human being who has experienced the darkest sides of life and yet emerged as a bright light to guide all of us as we strive to learn and grow.                                   ~ TEDx Walden Pond Audience Member

Your story, your values and journey to success are so universal. ~ Audience Member

Trish Kendall Virtual Keynote

...from start to finish your talk was magnificent and moving and gut wrenching and fierce                          and I loved every minute. ~ Audience Member

Trish Kendall Events Workshop Instructions

I can’t thank you enough for spending this intimate and productive time with us. You truly made an impact on me! The questions were so raw and thought-provoking that I’m still reflecting!                                      ~ Regional Vice President, Field Operations

Speaker Trish Kendall

Since I heard you speak, I have been carrying you around in my head. profound because of the challenges overcome, lessons learned and success defined. We can all benefit from your utterly sincere acceptance of the guiding principle of “loving and being loved." ~ Audience Member

I was one that said I was not the most successful person I knew or would become. After listening to your path to success, I see it in a very different light. ~ Audience Member

Trish Kendall Events Workshop

This year has its challenges and presented both physical and mental tolls on my team. I have a whole new outlook on what success means to me and how doing the little things great can change my life and the lives of others around me.  ~ General Manager, Retail Operations

You are the most successful person I know. Truly amazed and inspired by you. Thank you so much for showing up so fully and openly tonight. You are brilliant!” ~Chief Relationship Officer

You truly elevated all of us, expanded our human experience. I took away such powerful feelings of gratitude - for you, for your willingness to share, for this life. ~ Fundraising Event Organizer

Trish Kendall will share her story about the obstacles she overcame to achieve what she has today.

Everyone was captivated and motivated - your openness and authenticity are a real gift.                                 ~ Nonprofit Founder and Fireside Chat Facilitator