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Breaking Bad Habits worksheet - a positive and encouraging method of breaking free from bad habits so you can gain the freedom you need to achieve your goals.

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Inspirational Backgrounds & Lock Screens - images optimized for your devices with beautifully laid out quotes that will uplift and motivate you throughout your day.

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Journal prompts - prompts to help you identify the critical choices you’ve made in your own life. Ask yourself as you work through these prompts, how can I replicate and build upon my past successes to launch myself into the next phase of my transformation?

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Storytelling - a series of prompts to help you frame your own journey and craft your own narrative.

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30 Mantras - a list of 30 mantras, sounds or phrases that are repeated aloud to help us concentrate and shut out all the other noise of everyday life. Ground yourself in the present and remind yourself that you create your enduring success, even in the hard moments.

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Choice Management  - it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture when we allow ourselves to get mired down with menial tasks that suck the time from our day. Good habits go away and bad habits creep in as we react instead of prepare and plan. I encourage you to shift your mindset away from time management (the jargony business term) and towards choice management.  After all, we can’t make time, we can only make choices. These are just a few techniques for deliberate action to force the most important things to the top of your to-do list.  

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A Reading List To Support You Through Change - I’m excited to share with you a few books that have helped me through my filled-with-change journey in hopes that they will also inspire you.

Overcoming the Fear of Change Blog

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Genuine Gratitude Challenge - My most recent tool is a daily gratitude challenge, which I encourage you to participate in every single day of the year, not just in November!

Fighting For Genuine Gratitude: A Call To Practice Daily Thankfulness Blog

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Celebration Jar - To assist you along your journey to enduring success, I encourage you to start a celebration jar. This is a simple action that will yield great results over time. 

Read Achieving Enduring Success Through Reflection

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