Join Us as We #MenopauseBetter Together

Trish Kendall is pleased to be a part of the Menopause Better Campaign.

With 25% of the world’s population about to become menopausal by 2030, it’s no wonder that the subject of menopause is slowly becoming more and more destigmatized. However, that doesn’t stop menopausal symptoms from negatively affecting the health, work and personal lives of millions of women each year.

Based on an insight out of a 2018 study showing that one of the key reasons for reduced quality of life with menopause was a lack of information and resources, haircare brand, Better Not Younger, decided to team up with fellow menopausal beauty brands and women’s health experts in 2021 to promote more awareness around menopause, as well as give women a way to discover and try some of the newest menopause relief products. Based on the success of last year’s effort, the brand has decided to make this an annual event.

The website will be launching on October 15th, in honor of World Menopause Day and will include special promotional offers, sweepstakes, cutting edge educational content and inspirational wisdom from some of today’s leading menopausal experts.

Better Together

We’ve partnered with today’s hottest menopause relief brands and leading women’s health experts to help women #MenopauseBetter.


Check out our new website for all the tools, support and inspiration you’ll need to rock your menopause journey.

Hear personal experiences and tips from leading menopause experts including helpful hacks for dealing with your hormones, makeup tips for looking your best, and reasons why this can be the most amazing chapter of your life.

Learn about the 34 symptoms of menopause, hair thinning and loss, and other topics like pregnancy, anxiety and orgasms during menopause—we tackle it all!

Best of all, you can shop and SAVE BIG big on today’s must-have menopause products and enter our sweepstakes to win a GRAND PRIZE valued at over $1,300!

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