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Trish Kendall, an expert on creating enduring success and an international keynote speaker, unearths the inspirational stories of her guests as they share their journeys to enduring success with us.

If you ask her, Trish will tell you she has become the most successful person she knows.  She is proud of her career, is a trusting and trusted member of her community, and is a loving wife and devoted mother of two children. All simple measures, but far more than she ever thought she would have.

Her childhood was tortured by relentless sexual abuse, neglect, and ultimately, a crystal meth addiction that led to her near suicide at 20 years old.

But Trish climbed from the pit of despair and summited the peak of success—enduring success—by making five critical choices.

Today, she inspires others to achieve enduring success and provides a pathway there for all.

In this Choose & Become series, Trish and her guests share their insights, lessons, and wisdom as it relates to these five choices on their journeys to enduring success.

I am honored to have Imran Qureshi as my guest for Episode One. Imran exudes enduring success—a devoted husband and proud father, an incredibly successful business leader, and an inspiring community leader. Imran lives his purpose, intentionally, each day.

Today is a special one because I'm thrilled to have my friend and guest, Ryan Skinner, with us. A brief intro: Ryan is a top financial advisor at Apex Retirement Services, a development coach empowering men, and the mastermind behind the podcast "Cracking the Code."

Twenty years ago, or so, finding my seat on a plane home from a business trip, I made eye contact with a woman who I should have known all my life—but had just met months before this trip. Mary Dillon. We beamed, she gave up her aisle seat to sit next to me, and our plane conversation turned into nurturing an enduring relationship. Watch (I think you have to watch!) this episode and learn more about how Mary created enduring success and fuels the success of those around her.

Trish interviews Lex Moschakis, founder and CEO of Live Big, a company that works with teenage girls on building confidence, resilience, and self-leadership skills.

Lex shares how she discovered her passion for empowering young women to be leaders in their own lives. We have an inspiring conversation about making choices that serve you, finding your purpose and living big.

Shirisha Avadhanula, MD, serves as Medical Director for inpatient virtual health for the Cleveland Clinic Enterprise. She is an associate Staff Endocrinologist at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. She is also a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine.

Dr. Avadhanula is a published journal author, medical contributor to US News and World Report, and has been featured in several media outlets including Insider Magazine, Health Magazine and ABC news. She completed her fellowship training at Georgetown University Hospital. She earned an additional Academic and Research Fellowship at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and continues to be involved in ongoing clinical research at the NIH.

Dr. Avadhanula is also the co-founder and CEO of and senior consultant for

Martin G Moore—you can call him Marty—is the No Bullsh!t Leader.

Marty isn’t a theorist—everything he’s learned has been through his personal experience and performance in the trenches. A university law school dropout, he worked his way up to hold corporate executive positions in Strategy, Technology, Finance, and Sales & Marketing.

As CEO of multi-billion dollar company, CS Energy, he drove remarkable performance turnaround, growing EBIDTA from $17 million to $441 million in just 5 years. This 125% compound annual growth rate in earnings is virtually unheard of.

In 2018, he created Your CEO Mentor, the business he founded with his daughter, Emma Green. Since then, his direct, cut-through approach has made No Bullsh!t Leadership one of the top leadership podcasts globally, with over 4 million downloads in 150+ countries, and his book debuted at #2 on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list.

His sole purpose is to improve the quality of leaders globally.

If Marty is the No Bullsh!t Leader, you might ask, hey Trish, you talk about and explore love (!) how the heck do these go together. Oh, they do!

I was honored to spend this time with Marty. Marty’s perspective on creating enduring success, his stance on the “accumulation of choices” and his vivid and open examples of the five-choices across his life—and yes, giving and receiving love—enthralls, enlightens, and inspires.

Jeri Dawn Martel, VP of Growth & Development for Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating

In today’s episode I spotlight an incredible woman and leader of leaders, Jeri Dawn Martel. Jeri Dawn and I worked together for a number of years at Jenny Craig, and I remember so vividly how Jeri Dawn inspires and empowers leaders to then inspire and empower their leaders, who then inspire and empower their individual customer.

In a direct-to-consumer environment, especially with something as personal as weight loss and management, the ability to inspire those around you to take action and transform lives, is critical to the success of the business and most importantly the success of the customer.

Join me as I explore with Jeri Dawn what creating enduring success means to her, and her journey to achieve it.

Sandy Hahn

Sandy Hahn is a loving husband and devoted father of three grown children. Fall of 2019 (just after his youngest daughter started her Freshman year of college), Sandy was diagnosed with an incurable disease called MSA (Multiple System Atrophy).

Sandy takes us on his journey from the abyss of reckoning with this devastating diagnosis to his enduring success.

I am inspired by Sandy’s story of creating enduring success by making the deliberate choice every day to live with purpose, hope and love.