Trish Kendall, Keynote Speaker

Why I Share My Story

My success didn’t come easily. The obstacles I faced early in my life once seemed insurmountable, but perseverance and the power to choose have led me to enduring success. I wasn’t supposed to make it. But I know that if I can do it, if I can choose to give all my love and receive all the love that others give, anyone can. As a keynote speaker, I hope to pass on the wisdom I’ve gained along the way and inspire others to achieve enduring success, no matter how far off, or even impossible, it seems.

Trish’s Story

“I chose to pick up the phone.”

Picking up the phone was the first of five critical choices that set off Trish Kendall’s journey to success.

At 20 years old, Trish was alone, on a dirty bathroom floor with a needle plunged into her vein. A childhood of sexual abuse and neglect that eventually resulted in a crystal meth addiction had left her with no friends, no job, no love, and no hope. All she had was enough meth for two more fixes or one fatal overdose.

But one phone call from her sister changed everything. That first choice, to pick up the phone, launched Trish on a 25-year journey to becoming the inspiration that she is today.

Five Choices

Trish made five critical choices on her journey to enduring success:

First, she picked up that phone. She learned success begins with making a choice. She gave herself the chance to change.

Second, she committed to a two-way agreement with her sister and brother-in-law. She learned ordinary actions that start from duty can transform into efforts of joy. She realized joy in the ordinary.

Third, she built trust in herself and inspired the trust of others. She learned if you do the little things great, great things can happen. She earned her independence.

Fourth, Trish created community. She learned that you get by giving. She made her place of safety, shared identity and belonging.

Finally, she chose to embrace her boundless capacity to love and be loved. She learned love is a choice. And it is this fifth choice, to give all her love and to receive all the love others want to give, that defines her enduring success.


“Embracing our boundless capacity to love and be loved"


Make a First Choice

Success begins by making a first choice.

Build Trust

Build trust by doing the little things great.

Embrace Love 

Choose to embrace your boundless capacity to love and be loved.

Commit to a Two-Way Agreement

Commit to a two-way agreement and your actions transform from duty to desire.

Create Community

Create community--your place of safety, shared identity and belonging.


To ignite the power of choice within each of us to create enduring success.

Trish and Daughter