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Trish speaks in a variety of settings including in-person, hybrid and virtual. Each speech and workshop is customized for the audience. 


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True Success is Embracing Love

True success, enduring success, is choosing to embrace your boundless capacity to give love and to receive love. You can achieve enduring success, no matter your circumstance, experience or obstacles. Trish inspires audiences to believe:

  • I have the boundless capacity to love and to be loved.
  • I have the power to choose whether to embrace it each day.
  • This power can never be taken away from me.
  • I can be the most successful person I know . . . and become right now!
  • I must inspire others to believe they can be too.


Choose and Become: Five Critical Choices to Enduring Success

Too often success is defined as being better than or having more than others; so it might seem foolish to believe you are the most successful person you know or impossible to become that person. Trish Kendall is proof that we each have the power to achieve true success—enduring success—no matter the obstacles. In this inspirational and highly motivating speech, Trish shares how.

  • Make the first choice
  • Commit to a two-way agreement
  • Build trust
  • Create community
  • Embrace love


Do the Little Things Great and Great Things Happen

Trish didn’t believe she could ever trust herself and she never believed anyone could ever trust her. But, a year after she pulled the final needle out of her vein, she had landed the best job in the world.

  • She learned if you do the little things great, great things happen.
  • She built trust in herself and inspired the trust of others by making good, small decisions each day.
  • How do we build trust in ourselves and inspire the trust of others?

In this interactive session, Trish shows the power of committing to doing the little things great and what can happen if you do.

This is one of five critical choices Trish made on her journey to enduring success.


Get by Giving: Create and Nurture Community and Belonging

Trish never knew community. As a little girl, her dad was deliberate in destroying community before it ever formed. Her father forced the family to flee from town to town to prevent anyone in the community from learning he was sexually abusing her. In every town, she was the new kid who struggled to fit in and find acceptance. Ultimately, she just stopped trying.

  • When she was 30 years old Trish had achieved more success than she could have imagined, but something was missing. “I was friendly with everyone, but friends with no one. I didn’t belong anywhere.”
  • Although Trish had never run a step in her life, she joined a running club and met five women who showed her that forging true friendships and creating community starts by letting others in. She learned that you get by giving and created her place of safety, shared identity, and belonging.
  • How does it feel to belong? How does it feel not to belong? How does community support your journey to enduring success?

In this interactive session, Trish shows the power of giving and what we can get if we do.

This is one of five critical choices Trish made on her journey to enduring success.


Follow-On Workshop: Choose and Become*

Trish offers a follow-on, interactive workshop to build upon her Keynote speeches. In this special, 60-minute workshop, you'll explore the five critical and universal choices Trish made on her journey to enduring success—applied to your lives. The workshop is designed to:

  • Learn from and inspire each other
  • Promote personal reflection and action
  • Nurture and positively influence community and belonging 

*Must deliver keynote speech beforehand

Trish Kendall Speaks Topics

"So transparent and so raw. It opened up so many emotions for me.... Your story, your values, and journey to success are so universal." ~Audience Member


To inspire others to achieve enduring success.

Trish Kendall Speaks Topics