Overcoming the Fear of Change


I can only imagine the thoughts racing through my step-brother, Jeff’s, mind as he drove the 45 minutes from Bellevue to Tacoma to carry me away the day I tried to kill myself. My sister, my always-there beat of hope, called me seconds before I plunged the needle of life-ending crystal myth into the one…

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Time Management, Choice Management

You can’t make time. You can only make choices. Everyone knows about time management and the benefits it brings to both personal and professional productivity. (But, according to Development Academy, 82% of people don’t use a time management system!) In my opinion, pop culture has watered it down so that we’re no longer inspired to…

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Hope In Action: What Santa Can Teach Us About Hope


Hope is believing that when you set out cookies and milk, Santa will come. – Trish Kendall My family and I celebrate Christmas, and I absolutely love it. I love our family traditions, like spending Christmas Eve with extended family which turns into a too-late night. And every year we stay up too late, Grandma…

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Breaking Free From Bad Habits

Trish Kendall Blog bad habits coffee

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. My alarm goes off at 5:30am every morning. I fumble around to hit the oval button on the top of the clock that tells me it’s time to get up. My pre-programmed coffee maker has already started working for the day, and the delicious aroma wafts into my bedroom, doing a…

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The Micro Actions of Love: Practicing Transparency

“WE HAVE TO DEBRIEF!” – Carolyn. I read the text message on a Sunday evening after one of my closest friends, Carolyn, closed out her time at a very important weekend conference. She had been anxious about this conference for weeks, so I was relieved to hear from her husband earlier that day that it…

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Building Trust By Doing The Little Things Great

“I promise, this will never happen again.” I heard those words from my father so many times I lost count. From the time I was 6 years old, his repeated sexual abuse taught me that promises were meant to be broken. I couldn’t trust anyone. And as I grew up, no one could trust me.…

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Embracing Opportunity: Bringing Your Full Self

Growing up I became a master compartmentalizer. I practiced and perfected compartmentalizing just as assiduously as my classmates worked on long division. I could shut out thoughts or whole experiences as swiftly as you might turn off the lights or pour a glass of milk. It was not my goal to excel at it, I…

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One Beat of Hope Can Transform A Lifetime

Trish Kendall blog beat of hope

“When my dear sister finally picked up the phone that day, I was so grateful that she loved me enough to answer the phone and trusted me enough to choose to live!!!”

My sister Maria is a shining example of how one beat of hope can transform a lifetime. My time in the tar pit of drugs may be an extreme example – but at some point, we all have been in a situation where we need a beat of hope. Here’s what I learned from my sister about being a beat of hope for others.

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