The Day I Decided To Choose Love Over Fear

The power of a date on the calendar has never eluded me. A date holds memories, milestones, and celebrations of goals reached. A date can hold emotion: joy, gratitude, fear, regret. For me, dates also hold memories. Some good. Some bad. But memories, none the same. On October 28, 2021, I was invited to speak…

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How Running Helped me Create my First Community

Trish tells her story of learning the enduring power of friendship and how by giving, you can get trust, love, and lifelong friendships in return.

Excerpt: Running Towards Friendship.
So, at 30 years old, after years of progress and for the first time since my pony, I finally wanted a friend. And I wanted to be a friend. This was the root of my fourth critical choice: to forge a community and to create friendship.

So what did I do? I joined a running club! I had never run a step in my life. I didn’t just join any running club. I joined the Chicago Marathon running club. About two weeks in, I started naturally pacing with a group of five other women. None of us knew each other, and we were all different.

I loved listening to them. I’d throw in questions to keep their conversation going so I wouldn’t have to say anything because I was nervous and didn’t know how to make friends.

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Sage Sisters Podcast with Trish Kendall

Healing from trauma requires a radical commitment to self-care and to wellness in all forms. For Trish, her 25-year journey to enduring success required grit, tenacity, and ultimately, a choice to give all her love and to receive all the love others want to give. It’s this continual choice – to love and be loved…

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7 Books that Support My Journey to Enduring Success

When we’re going through tough moments in our lives, it can be helpful to seek guidance, empathy, and inspiration. Some people turn to spiritual advisors, to friends, mentors, and sponsors. All of those figures have been helpful for me at one time or another throughout my journey to enduring success. But it’s also through books…

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Be Curious, Not Furious

Trish Kendall writes in this personal essay about parenting after trauma. She encourages being curious and to practice active listening with children before reacting to emotionally charged situations.

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Creating My New Normal

On Route 138 on the way to school drop-off, we drive past an abandoned, broken-down house. It is out of place amongst all the other homes that are alive, old or new. This one has been left empty, battered by Boston winters with no one to care for it. Most of its paint has fallen…

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5 Ways I Balance My Professional and Personal Life

By my mid-30s, I had achieved more in my professional career and in my personal life than I ever thought possible. Professionally, I was a highly regarded business development professional. Personally, I was building my community and forging lifelong friendships, and my now-husband and I were building our lives together. And when Joe and I…

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