Choose & Become Interview Series - Episode 7

Becky Bunnell


I would not have met Becky had I not launched Choose & Become. And it could be, for

that reason alone, that I was meant to. I can barely write a summary here without feeling the overwhelming love and gratitude of the impact she has already made on me. I want to share her with everyone I know--her message of love, her connection with horses, and the community and sense of belonging she creates for those around her.

Becky, one day, I will get back on a horse to ride on a trail next to you, with the sun sneaking through the trees,  embracing "the one thing".


Enduring Success: [01:09]

A First Choice: [04:55]

Two-Way Agreements: [07:45]

Trust: [12:17]

Community and Belonging:  [19:55]

Boundless Love:  [29:49]


"The one thing"