Choose & Become Interview Series - Episode 6

Brad Nations


Brad is a rock-star health tech advisor who has been instrumental in the growth

and successful transactions of several health care companies. But . . . that is just one component of Brad.  He is all-encompassing--a faithful husband, proud and supportive father, dedicated philanthropist, avid cyclist, active community member and more.

Brad is such an understated guy. He shares stories, insights and wisdom in a "best friend next door" way.  My absolute favorite part of this interview is when we explore community and belonging and boundless love.  Two choices that Brad clearly embraces each day.

Brad, my friend, thank you for sharing your journey to enduring success.


Enduring Success: [04:50]

A First Choice: [06:20]

Two-Way Agreements: [13:53]

Trust: [20:27]

Community and Belonging:  [26:25]

Boundless Love:  [38:20]


The Failure of God: Honesty about Faith by Susie Nelson