Choose & Become Interview Series - Episode 3

Stefani Pady


Stefani PadyStefani and I met through someone we both admire. Within minutes of our first conversation, I was bitten by the "I want more!" bug. I knew:

  • I had to spend more time with Stefani.
  • I want to be more like Stefani.
  • I hope my daughter has a Stefani to look up to one day.

In the first few minutes of the interview, Stefani introduces herself: Daughter, sister, leader, entrepreneur, mom, wife and most important, Child of God. 

May I please add, friend. Thank you Stefani, my friend.


Enduring Success: [03:32]

A First Choice: [05:52]

Two-Way Agreements: [09:45]

Trust: [15:24]

Community and Belonging: [21:14]

Boundless Love: [32:37]


Love Works, Joel Manby