Choose & Become Interview Series - Episode 3

Stefani Pady


Stefani PadyStefani and I met through someone we both admire. Within minutes of our first conversation, I was bitten by the "I want more!" bug. I knew:

  • I had to spend more time with Stefani.
  • I want to be more like Stefani.
  • I hope my daughter has a Stefani to look up to one day.

In the first few minutes of the interview, Stefani introduces herself: Daughter, sister, leader, entrepreneur, mom, wife and most important, Child of God. 

May I please add, friend. Thank you Stefani, my friend.


Over the course of Stefani's career, She has worn many hats, starting as a sales rep carrying a bag door to door and working her way up to leading teams and sales strategy from coast to coast.

Her passion is centered around aiding people in their personal and professional growth. Helping them gain confidence and clarity to lead a life with passion and purpose.

In 2019, Stefani became a John Maxwell certified coach, teacher, and speaker to further her abilities to support people on their journey of growth. Her goal is to help you lead with purpose, connect more effectively with your team or clients, and enhance the skills and abilities you bring to the table. Stefani is the owner of GLS Coaching and Consulting and the Founder of Women, Worship and Work. Women, Worship and Work is a wonderful crossroad where self-help meets gods truth.

Stefani is a graduate of Texas A&M University, Gig'em! She shares her life with her husband, Terry, and is the momma of two children, Cameron and Emerie. When she is not coaching people to their potential, she can be found on the baseball field or at a gymnastics competition watching her kiddos thrive.


Enduring Success: [03:32]

A First Choice: [05:52]

Two-Way Agreements: [09:45]

Trust: [15:24]

Community and Belonging: [21:14]

Boundless Love: [32:37]


Love Works, Joel Manby