Mantras I’m Taking With Me into the New Year

We’ve seen a lot of tough days in the past two years. It hasn’t been easy, and we may have even slipped back into some old habits and coping mechanisms to help ease our stress.

Back in August, I put together a downloadable guide to 30 Days of Mantras as a response to the stress of this pandemic era and as a tool to support your journey. I use mantras to ground myself in the present and to remind myself that I create my enduring success, even in the hard moments and even on the tough days.

My goal as a keynote speaker is to pass on the wisdom I’ve gained along my 25-year journey to enduring success and inspire others to achieve their enduring success, no matter how far off, or even impossible, it seems. I hope that this small taste of mantra may help you understand the power that they can have. And if you find that you’re resonating with the messages, check out my guide, 30 Days of Mantras to Support Your Journey to Enduring Success, for a full 30 days of positive mantras.

We get mantras from the Buddhist and Hindu traditions of meditation. Mantras are sounds or phrases that are repeated aloud to help us concentrate and shut out all the other noise of everyday life.

If you’re human and you’ve had a tough year, now’s a great time to reset and set some new goals for 2022. Let’s look back on 2021 and be grateful for the love that we gave and received and the good times we did have, while also recommitting to progress and healing in the new year.

These five mantras may just help. They’re thematically linked to the five stages of my own journey:

01. Change

Change can be both through action and through a reorientation of mindset. What change will you create in your life, and how can this mantra support that change?

I can make my first choice. Every journey starts with a single step.

2. Joy in the Ordinary

Joy can be found in the little moments and little things sprinkled throughout our day. What are some moments of joy in your day? How can this mantra support being present to that joy?

This moment matters to me. I choose to be aware and present right now.

3. Trust

The following mantra is about building trust in yourself and inspiring the trust of others. With whom in your own life (whether it’s yourself or others) do you want to build more trust? How can this mantra support that trust-building?

What I do today will get me closer to who I want to be tomorrow. I am trustworthy.

4. Community

How can you create and nurture your community in 2022? What communities do you belong to and which ones might you like to join? Who can you introduce across your communities to help expand and strengthen communities?

I create my place of belonging. I can help create a place of belonging for others.

5. Enduring Success

Where in your life do you give love and where do you get love? Do you give and receive it freely or withhold some of it? How can you inspire others to embrace their boundless capacity to love? How can this mantra support your journey to enduring success?

I choose to give all of my love to others and I choose to receive all the love others want to give me. Making that choice is my enduring success.

For 30 days of mantras, download my guide, 30 Days of Mantras to Support Your Journey to Enduring Success. I encourage you to cut out the mantras in this guide into flashcards and choose one to embody each day for the next 30 days. Repeat it to yourself in the morning when you wake up, when you take a break from work or other responsibilities, and then again before you go to sleep. Observe how you and your actions reorient around this mantra, and maybe even record your reactions in a journal.

I’d love to hear how these mantras are working for you, or learn about what mantras you use in your practice! Follow me on Instagram @trishkendallspeaks, join our Facebook @TrishKendallSpeaks, or send me a message. I can’t wait to share this journey with you!

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  1. Kris on November 13, 2021 at 9:18 am

    Powerful mantras Trish. Thank you for sharing. I started using mantras about 15 years ago, mostly through meditation practice. I read an article from Melinda Gates about choosing a word for the year. The word relates to that which you hope to you draw from from the year. It’s a mantra such as gratitude, joy, abundance, community. In 2020 my mantra was abundance. In the year of COVID and so much change, I did find abundance in family, friends, living with what was available, a job loss, a job gain, time, reflection. My word for 2022 has not found me yet. Thank you for sharing your story and mantras. I am grateful to learn from you.

    • Trish Kendall on November 18, 2021 at 11:45 am

      Thanks, Kris! I felt your “abundance” when we had a chance to catch up recently. I would love for you to share your word for 2022 when it comes to you. My friend, Kat, shared her word with me recently–Grace. Giving herself more grace! Your post made me think, what is my one word, mantra, for 2022. I am going to reflect on 2021 and choose one word for 2022. Xo

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