Parlay From Away: A Digital Conversation on Breaking The Cycle

Have you ever been in one of those spirals of despair? You know, something terrible happens in your life, and you self-soothe by doing something that puts you in an even deeper place. Breaking the cycle is tough when you’re in deep.

I had the honor of speaking at Parlay House about my own tragic cycle that began with the unfathomable: childhood sexual abuse and neglect, which spiraled deeply into drug addiction. I was in a tough cycle that was difficult to break. Fortunately, as I began to fight my way back, I made five critical choices along my journey that transformed my life. I’ve discovered that these choices can help all of us, regardless of your own struggles and secrets.

I am proof that we each have the power to achieve true and enduring success —no matter what circumstances are thrown in our way.

Since I heard you speak, I have been carrying you around in my head. …so profound because of the challenges overcome, lessons learned and success defined. We can all benefit from your utterly sincere acceptance of the guiding principle of “loving and being loved.

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