Sage Sisters Podcast with Trish Kendall

Healing from trauma requires a radical commitment to self-care and to wellness in all forms. For Trish, her 25-year journey to enduring success required grit, tenacity, and ultimately, a choice to give all her love and to receive all the love others want to give. It’s this continual choice – to love and be loved – that defines her enduring success and that grounds every day. After all, at its core, self-care and wellness are really all about self-love. 

Hailey McLennan and Megan Dierckins, energy healing and wellness practitioners and hosts of the Sage Sisters podcast, brought Trish on their podcast to talk all about the power of choice. They discussed the choices in Trish’s life that led her from despair to enduring success and Trish’s mission to use her story to help inspire other young women define their own success.

Listen to the podcast!

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