Building Trust By Doing The Little Things Great

“I promise, this will never happen again.” I heard those words from my father so many times I lost count. From the time I was 6 years old, his repeated sexual abuse taught me that promises were meant to be broken. I couldn’t trust anyone. And as I grew up, no one could trust me.…

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Embracing Opportunity: Bringing Your Full Self

Growing up I became a master compartmentalizer. I practiced and perfected compartmentalizing just as assiduously as my classmates worked on long division. I could shut out thoughts or whole experiences as swiftly as you might turn off the lights or pour a glass of milk. It was not my goal to excel at it, I…

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One Beat of Hope Can Transform A Lifetime

Trish Kendall blog beat of hope

“When my dear sister finally picked up the phone that day, I was so grateful that she loved me enough to answer the phone and trusted me enough to choose to live!!!”

My sister Maria is a shining example of how one beat of hope can transform a lifetime. My time in the tar pit of drugs may be an extreme example – but at some point, we all have been in a situation where we need a beat of hope. Here’s what I learned from my sister about being a beat of hope for others.

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Find, Create, and Enhance Belonging In The Workplace

Trish Kendall - belonging in the workplace - lone wolf

Belonging is an underrated life goal. It significantly impacts our tangled personal and professional lives.

Consider this from @Gartner research: “a 20% increase in inclusion when initiatives are implemented at the organizational level, which corresponds to greater on-the-job effort, retention, and high employee performance.”

How much more would your team successfully achieve, and enjoy the process of doing so, if they felt a sense of belonging?

Discover how to find, create, and enhance belonging in the workplace by reading about my journey on the blog.

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The Day I Decided To Choose Love Over Fear

The power of a date on the calendar has never eluded me. A date holds memories, milestones, and celebrations of goals reached. A date can hold emotion: joy, gratitude, fear, regret. For me, dates also hold memories. Some good. Some bad. But memories, none the same. On October 28, 2021, I was invited to speak…

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How Running Helped me Create my First Community

Trish tells her story of learning the enduring power of friendship and how by giving, you can get trust, love, and lifelong friendships in return.

Excerpt: Running Towards Friendship.
So, at 30 years old, after years of progress and for the first time since my pony, I finally wanted a friend. And I wanted to be a friend. This was the root of my fourth critical choice: to forge a community and to create friendship.

So what did I do? I joined a running club! I had never run a step in my life. I didn’t just join any running club. I joined the Chicago Marathon running club. About two weeks in, I started naturally pacing with a group of five other women. None of us knew each other, and we were all different.

I loved listening to them. I’d throw in questions to keep their conversation going so I wouldn’t have to say anything because I was nervous and didn’t know how to make friends.

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Sage Sisters Podcast with Trish Kendall

Healing from trauma requires a radical commitment to self-care and to wellness in all forms. For Trish, her 25-year journey to enduring success required grit, tenacity, and ultimately, a choice to give all her love and to receive all the love others want to give. It’s this continual choice – to love and be loved…

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